What should I bring?

Bring either your printed or mobile prepaid ticket or the at-the-door entrance fee of $15, your unwanted items to swap, your pocketbook so you can shop the Treasured Partners that have special deals for you, and your girlfriends! Oh, and don’t forget your smile 😀

What items can I bring to swap?

LADIES items only. We encourage you to bring your gently used clothing (all seasons), coats, dresses, shoes, bags, jewelry, accessories, and even perfumes that you have decluttered from your closets and drawers.

What condition should the items be in?

The items should be in decent condition void of holes, defects, or stains.
Please have all of the items in clean, laundered condition. If you’re in doubt about an item, ask yourself, “Would I give this to a friend?”

How should I bring my items?

Please bring your items pre-sorted by the item type and size chart listed below in grocery bags or reusable bags. You can reuse these bags to bring your new items home. Please label them if possible to help our process go quickly.
If there is a matching set, connect them together with a rubber band. The tables are categorized as follows:

Dresses/Coats (hangers if possible)

Dresses and coats can be on a hanger if possible to hang on our hanging racks.
All clothing tables will be labeled by “Top” or “Bottom” and the size, and there will be tables for shoes, bags, accessories, & jewelry.

Is this a one-for-one swap?

No. We don’t go crazy monitoring the amount of clothing that you take; however, we ask that you use the honor system and take about the same amount of items that you came with.  There is always plenty to go around!

Will I be able to try on clothes?

Yes! In fact, it is highly encouraged that you try on clothing in our specified dressing areas so that you take home only the items that you will actually wear.

What should I wear to the swap?

We suggest wearing clothing that will be easy to change and/or try clothing on top of (Wear easy to remove shoes, perhaps a tank top underneath, etc.)

What happens to the clothing that isn’t claimed by the end of the swap?

The leftover clothing is donated to specific organizations around the local community that will get the items to ladies who are in need of them. Some of the organizations that we have donated to over the years are: Amethyst, Welcome Warehouse, Gracehaven, and PDHC. In 2014, we were able to give 40+ large garbage bags of clothing, 80+ in 2015, and over 90 in 2016! Thanks for helping to make a difference in our communities!

Will I find items in my size?

The more attendees, the greater the selection! While we cannot guarantee any particular sizes, we are pretty sure that you will leave with some new-to-you treasures. Don’t forget there are always shoes, accessories, purses and bags!

Are there ever fights over items?

Heck No! This is a drama-free, fun, ladies event. Remember, it’s just ‘stuff’ and we are all blessed to have excess.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Adult females of all ages are welcome, no ID required. High school aged girls are welcome to purchase a ticket and attend with an adult.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Please bring your printed ticket or have it ready on your mobile device at the registration table (Tip: screenshot it to find it easily!).

What is the refund policy?

Refunds are unavailable.

Why do you do this event and where do proceeds go?

There are many purposes of this event, such as bringing the community together, helping women to discover how to become more free from ‘junk’ in their lives, supporting local businesses, providing a way to be frugal, thrifty, and green, and creating a way to give to those who are currently in a less fortunate situation than ourselves.
We intentionally keep costs and entrance fees low; however, we do intend to cover all costs of running the events and the many hours of work that go into making it possible. Any proceeds, go toward furthering the mission of Simply Enrich, as well as other organizations.