The Treasure Swap Journey

Knick-knacks. Clothing. Papers. Mementos from the past.

Your home may not be a prime candidate for the show “Hoarders” — or is it?
Regardless, you’ve probably accumulated your fair share of ‘junk’ during your life so far on this Earth.

Did you know that your soul collects junk too?

Unwanted. Athletic. Unattractive. Powerless.

Beginning in early childhood and all throughout our lives, we are handed ‘soul junk’: Names, Labels, and Other’s Opinions. Though ‘invisible’, they pile up in us and make us who we are today.

You may try to ‘tidy them up’, live up to them, or rise above them. But when it doesn’t work, you wear a mask to hide them.

But there is Hope….

You can learn how to Swap Out Your Soul Junk for new Treasure!

Join us for a 5 week Journey where you will:

  1. Unbury and Realize your personal ‘ Soul Junk’
  2. Discover the process of how to Swap it Out for Treasure
  3. Learn Your Secret Name, and True Identity

Included in your 5 Week Journey is:

  • 5 Live small group coaching calls (recorded for unlimited access)
  • Lifetime admittance to a private Facebook group for ongoing support.

All for only $397

This Journey begins the 2nd week of May, 2017.

Please use the form on the right to register today!